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This site is a portfolio where I share and organise my favourite photos, a sort of "Best Of" for my photography activity.

Digital Photography

I've been using several digital cameras since 2001 and I'm currently mainly using a Pixii A2572, it's an amazing Digital Rangefinder camera with Leica M-Mount. I'm also often shooting with my iPhone for Instagram.

Analog Photography

Instagram analog-like filters got me into the wonderful world of Toy Cameras and Lo-Fi Photography; I soon got so addicted to it that I decided to try out the real thing and started using real analog toy cameras such as Diana, Holga and Lomo LC-A.

But if toy cameras are really fun, yet they don't offer a lot of options for creativity, so I decided to invest in a few "more serious" film cameras and after a lot of buying & selling on the second hand market I have now curated a small collection of vintage analog cameras that I keep and use on a regular basis, slowly but surely making the switch from digital to analog for most of my photography.

I still have a Lomo an Holga, but my most frequent shooters in 35mm are: a Leica MP, a custom black Olympus PEN-F and a Widelux F6 "swing lens" panoramic camera.

Copyright stuff

All my photos are bound to an "Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike" Creative Commons license, you are free to use them as long as you respect the license terms.
If you need a higher resolution of a specific photo just contact me.

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